A note about the artist and his work

Although I have always been interested in art history and photography, I did not make art until I had retired from practicing medicine (gastroenterology) for 30 years and had assumed a position in hospital administration. For the past decade I have been taking art lessons primarily portraiture, figure and still life in a local atelier type school and with private teachers.

Although my primary interest/passion is capturing light in paint or pastel, my favorite subjects are people and especially people in a specific landscape. My wife and I travel extensively providing many opportunities to paint en plain air in interesting parts of the world. All my works are at least started in natural light from life, though they are frequently finished in the studio using photo references.

PLEASE NOTE: Many of the works shown  are available for purchase and are so indicated on the image. Please indicate your interest in an email and I will send you the price and any other information you require. Arrangements can then be made for viewing (if feasible) and/or shipping.